Monday, April 20, 2009


Hello, dear friends!
We are glad to welcome you at the site UNESCO Heritage Sites in Russia!
We are the students of the 9th and 10th classes at Lyceum "Dubna". We study in different classes: humanitarian, sociological, mathematical and specializing in Computer Studies. In spite of the fact that we are different, we have much in common. First of all, it's our love for our beloved Motherland Russia. So we want to share our love and knowledge about Russia with everyone. Our country is very beautiful with lots of gorgeous and breathtaking sites. At this moment 23 nominations, including 13 cultural heritage nominations and 10 natural monuments, have been included in the World Heritage List. All Russian World Heritage Sites are outstanding in scale: they include 8 nature reserves, 3 national parks, 5 nature parks and a number of nature refuges and natural monuments. We are willing to introduce some of these natural sites and architectoral monuments to you. Hope you'll enjoy them and, maybe one day you would like to visit our country and to see them with your own eyes. Let's start our excursion with the presentation "Lake Baikal". It's about the largest and the purest lake in the world. Best wishes, Students of Lyceum "Dubna" and our English teacher
Tatiana Lepeshkina

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